With over 25 years’ experience as a trial and appellate advocate as well as many years as a law teacher and course coordinator, Nahendran brings a rare blend of theoretical and practical skills to Chambers.

Our approach to litigation is to evaluate your evidence and witnesses at an early stage to avoid surprises, minimize costs and to anticipate and plan for eventualities. We act only as Counsel but we are well supported by a group of law firms of high calibre with whom we are fortunate to be associated with. We will ascertain the problem, determine our clients’ objective, establish the approach, plan the strategy, execute the plan, review it from time to time and implement changes whenever necessary in association with the firm of solicitors that the client has chosen.

We believe that as a proponent and champion of the clients’ rights, we must first seek out solutions and try to resolve problems amicably but where conflict is necessary, we will labour with care, efficiency and unceasing determination to represent the client with integrity, innovation and unparalleled excellence; at all times placing the clients’ interests ahead of our own.